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Ball & Chain is featured in as a top place to party in Miami on Tuesdays at our La Rumba Party, featuring complimentary dance lessons

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Look UK article featuring Ball & Chain Miami


Ball & Chain featured in “Welcome to Miami,” a feature travel story, in UK magazine Look, July 2018 issue.

Look UK July 2018 article on Miami


WHERE Traveler (Miami Edition) featured Ball & Chain in their Guide to Miami travel feature spotlighting Calle Ocho.

WHERE Traveler (Miami Edition) Article Collage

Behind the Bar at Ball & Chain Miami


Ball & Chain’s Caja China Father’s Day Pig Roast event was featured on Ocen Drive’s online magazine guide to Father’s Day events.
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Ocean Drive article on Ball & Chain June 15, 2018

From the article…

“Take dad on a nostalgic yet entertaining Cuban adventure this Father’s day at Little Havana’s iconic Ball and Chain. This bustling hotspot, which opens at noon and offers a roast at 2 p.m. on Father’s Day, will be pulling out all the stops for dad with a Caja China Roasted Pig Party sponsored by Jim Beam. Dad will surely enjoy the live Cuban Jazz happening at the Pineapple stage starting at noon. Make it a little extra with hand rolled Cuban cigars (there will be a station on site), and he can’t miss out on one of the best mojitos in town.”

Talkies Magazine June 2018 story on Ball & Chain


Ball & Chain was featured in Netherlands magazine Talkies in an article about the author’s life in Miami. We’re not quite certain what it says, but it seems positive!

Talkies Magazine June 2018 story on Ball & Chain
Talkies Magazine (Netherlands) June 2018 Miami Photo Spread
Saxephone player and dancer at Ball & Chain


Ball & Chain featured on Thrillist Miami’s “How to Have the Most Photogenic Weekend Miami can Offer” list, May 29, 2018.
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Article from Thrillist Miami May 29, 2018 about Ball & Chain

From the Article…

A surge of Cuban culture, food, and music flooded Miami in the ’50s, and the city’s celebrated that influence ever since in Little Havana. The smell of Cuban coffee greets you on a sunny stroll through Calle Ocho, where you’ll find hand-rolled cigars, fruit stands, and locals playing dominoes. But for total old-school vibes, head inside to Ball and Chain, a recreation of an iconic 1930s Cuban bar that occupied the same space. The combo of live Latin music, handcrafted cocktails, red leather seats, and dark green walls effortlessly transports you straight to Cuba, while the vintage neon and pineapple stage are all you need to garner those likes on social.

Front Bar at Ball & Chain Miami


“Most Stylish Bar” – We’ll take it. Ball & Chain is featured in TimeOut Miami’s Bar Awards, May 23, 2018
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Unreadable Collage of Time Out Miami's Best Bar Awards

From the Article:

“Present-day’s Ball & Chain is a recreation of a 1930s hotspot that once occupied the same space and welcomed jazz superstars like Billie Holiday, Count Basie and Chet Baker to its stage. The perch on which these greats stood is noticeably different—today it’s a giant pineapple. “We had a vision and worked closely with our in-house design team to bring that vision to life,” explain owners Zack Bush and Bill Fuller. “We studied historical archives and asked ourselves what would Ball & Chain look like today if it had never closed in 1957 but it kept up with the times.” The result: a welcoming indoor-outdoor space decked in Cuban tile and oozing with charm.”

Jetline Cruise - Ball & Chain Miami


Ball & Chain was featured in Jetline Cruise in an article about must-see spots in Miami. Read the full article here>>

Jetline Cruise - Ball & Chain Miami

From the article:

When in Little Havana there are a great number of spots that should be visited but none more so than the incredibly popular Ball & Chain. A recreation of a 1930s venue, Ball & Chain is a bar and lounge and is also a jazz and salsa hotspot that is the place to be for fantastic live music, great drinks, and immaculate food. This world-famous nightlife destination will prove to be a sublime way to spend an evening in Miami, and with a plethora of exciting events throughout the year – including live salsa and jazz – Ball & Chain is a bar experience like no other and one that you will be looking back on with fond memories for many years to come. On the special nature of an evening at Ball & Chain, the event venue told us:

“What makes Ball & Chain so unique is the deep and rich history behind it. Once you walk through our doors, you can feel that nostalgia and authenticity. We wanted to recreate the live music venue as it was in 1935 so our guests will feel transported to a different time, from the music to the décor and overall atmosphere.

“We are huge supporters of local musicians and we have live music at Ball & Chain daily from noon-6pm as well as Grammy-nominated bands on nights and weekends. Our food menu is comprised of modern-day twists on Cuban classics and all of our craft cocktails are inspired by Cuban influences and culture, for example, our Calle Ocho Old Fashioned and signature Mojito.”

2Chainz at Ball & Chain


2Chainz at Ball & Chain

Ball & Chain featured on in a celebrity sighting feature mentioning rapper 2Chainz visit to the venue earlier this week.

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“…The hip hopper’s time in Little Havana was not over. Chainz was also seen getting salsa lessons at Ball and Chain, and seemed to getting into the retro Cuban lounge, inquiring about the VIP packages.”

Bar at Ball & Chain Miami


Top Local Happy Hour Miami Ball & Chain

Ball & Chain was featured on Marriot Traveler as a top local happy hour spot in Miami.

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“This resurrected iconic nightclub from the 1920s once served as a stage for Billie Holiday, Count Basie and Chet Baker. Today you’ll only find them on posters lining the wall, but Ball & Chain is still the place to enjoy live music, a pastelito-infused daiquiri and a Calle Ocho old fashioned with tobacco bitters and leaves during happy hour.”

Smarter Traveller Best Cuban Restaurants in Miami


Smarter Traveller Best Cuban Restaurants in Miami

Ball & Chain was featured in Smarter Traveller in an article about the best cuban restaurants in Miami

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For a taste of authentic Cuban cuisine, pop into one of these 10 stand-out Cuban restaurants in Miami…Just next door to Azucar Ice Cream Company lies one-time saloon Ball & Chain, which got its start during the Depression. In the 1950s, Billie Holiday and Chet Baker were among the circuit of talented musicians who performed at the club, which was converted into a furniture shop a decade later. Now Ball & Chain has embraced its Cuban surroundings and is one of Little Havana’s most vibrant lounges, with live salsa and jazz bands playing in the open-air bar and dining area. While it serves as a neighborhood nightlife institution, Ball & Chain doubles as a great Cuban restaurant in Miami with tapas-style dishes like housemademariquitas de maduro (sweet plantain chips) and chicharrones(fried pork belly).

Best Bars in Miami - Conde Nast Traveller


Best Bars in Miami - Conde Nast Traveller Ball & Chain featured in Condé Nast Traveller in a story on the best bars in Miami

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“The first thing you notice about Ball & Chain is that green and white awning, beckoning nighthawks to Little Havana for decades. Originally opened in 1935, the historic space has seen many changes—and owners—over the years, yet it kept hints of the past, like the original pine ceiling that Billie Holiday and Count Basie played beneath. If it’s a quiet night you’re after, look elsewhere; the venue’s two stages are always delivering great jazz and spirited salsa. It makes a great spot for meeting up—and catching up—with a group of friends who embrace an old-school Miami party vibe.”

Shane Battioke Event Covered by World Redeye


World Redeye covered the 6th Annual Battioke Celebration, this year with a karaoke theme, hosted by Heidi & Shane Battier, on January 23, 2018. Ball & Chain was the event venue for the charity fundraiser to aid The Battier Take Charge Foundation. Check out the pictures here>>

Shane Battioke Event Covered by World Redeye

From the article:

Heidi and Shane Battier hosted the 6th annual Battioke celebration at Miami’s acclaimed Ball & Chain. The karaoke-themed charity event brought together some of South Florida’s finest including Pat Riley, Nikki and Erik Spoelstra, Alonzo Mourning, Faith & Udonis Haslem, Bam Adebayo, Kelly Olynyk, Josh Richardson, and Former Pro Wrestler The Big Show. The event raised over $150,000 for The Battier Take Charge Foundation, a non-profit organization established by the Battier Family to fund college scholarships and educational opportunities for underprivileged youth.

Ball & Chain is the perfect Miami event venue for your charity fundraiser or gala ball. We can provide catering, staffing, production, and entertainment, leaving you to worry only about your guests, and collecting the checks!

Ball & Chain in Hjemmet Magazine


Ball & Chain was included in a travel feature on South Miami Beach in Hjemmet, a weekly Norwegian family magazine. International travelers and out of town guests love our hospitality and our live salsa music!

Ball & Chain in Hjemmet Magazine


Wanderlust Chloe - Daytime Party Miami


Ball & Chain is featured as a favorite place to visit in Miami on popular UK travel blog, Wanderlust Chloe, December 13, 2017.

An Excerpt
“My favourite place was The Ball and Chain – a bar with live music and dancing throughout the day. The vibe was fun, and while there were plenty of tourists stopping by for a drink or two, they were balanced by locals who popped in for a dance! While it’s a fun place to wander around, I’d recommend booking onto a Little Havana Tour with Chat Miami. Our guide Alex was Cuban and gave real insight into the area, its people and what life is like there.”

Wanderlust Chloe Daytime dancing and Live Music

Ball & Chain is a favorite place for Live Daytime Music so you can get to dancing whenever you want! Stop by, have a bite, and enjoy!

Ball & Chain in Maariv December 2017


Ball & Chain is featured in Israeli newspaper Maariv’s December 4, 2017 issue in a Miami travel story.

Ball & Chain in Die Ziet Magazine


Ball & Chain is featured in a travel piece on Miami in German Magazine Die Zeit’s December 2017 issue.

Ball & Chain featured in Die Ziet

Ball & Chain featured in Thrillist Miami


Ball & Chain’s Thanksgiving Eve Karaoke Bash was featured on THRILLIST Miami’s round up of holiday events.

Ball & Chain in Thrillist Miami

“Little Havana’s retro-Cuban nightspot hosts a special edition of pineapple bandshell karaoke on one of the biggest party nights of the year – which just so happens to be the night before Thanksgiving…”

Where to go in Miami - Ball & Chain


Ball & Chain is featured in a travel Article on Miami in American Way Magazine.

American Way Magazine Where to go in Miami

“Whatever you do, don’t set sail from Little Havana without docking at Ball & Chain. Credited with sparking the area’s winning streak, this lively lounge features over 100 hours of live music each week. There’s nothing more quintessentially Miami than sipping mojitos while listening to a salsa band perform on a pineapple-shaped stage.”

See the original article “Where to Go in Miami” in American Way Magazine online.

Maxim November 2017


Ball & Chain is featured in Maxim Magazine November 2017 as a must see in Little Havana in an interview with Nightlife King Dave Grutman.

Maxim November 2017

Great Things to do in Miami


Ball & Chain is featured on Thrillist Miami in “34 Actually Great Free Things to do in Miami” for our live music and entertainment. Check out the live music on our Pineapple Stage!

Great Free Things to Do in Miami

“Ball & Chain — the historic jazz club that has been restored into one of the best bars in Miami — hosts over 80 hours a week of free concerts in its back patio bandshell. Which is constructed to look like half a cut-open pineapple.”

Check out the full article “34 Actually Great Free Things to Do in Miami” on

Ball & Chain in The Gloss Magazine October 2017


Ball & Chain’s music and happy hour featured in The Gloss Magazine’s online version in a “Guide to Miami” story.

Ball & Chain in Gloss Magazine October 2017

“…Over some jazz or salsa in my beloved Ball & Chain, a living 1930s movie set in Little Havana.”

Read the full version>>

Ball & Chain featured in Uptown Mag Oct 2017


Ball & Chain is featured in UK’s Uptown Magazine’s October 2017 issue in a travel editorial focusing on Miami.

Ball & Chain in Uptown Magazine October 2017

“One venue which is bringing back a bit of old-style 305 glitz is the Ball and Chain nightclub.

“The Ball & Chain reopened its doors in September 2014 with new owners opting for an interior design to reflect the glories days of the 1930s. Jazz, and salsa are once again prominent features on the Ball & Chain’s pineapple state and the club is now one of the hottest tickets in town.”

Ball & Chain featured in Thirsty September 2017


Ball & Chain’s newest craft cocktail, The Ruby Holiday, featured in THIRSTY Magazine as the “Drink of the Week”.

Ball & Chain in Thirsty September 2017


“A drink with some history: The Ruby Holiday at world-famous Ball & Chain bar and jazz lounge in Miami’s Cuban neighborhood, Little Havana was created in honor of Billie Holiday who performed live at the venue.

“‘The inspiration for the Ruby Holiday is deep rooted in Ball & Chain history as it honors the late jazz legend Billie Holiday who was once a regular performer at the venue,’ says Ball & Chain manager, Felipe Yanes. ‘Nicknamed “Lady Day,” we wanted a drink that was dainty that packed a punch just like her voice.'”

Ball & Chain - Miami Nightclub & Bar


Ball & Chain’s Latin Flair and Salsa Dancing featured in South Florida Luxury Guide’s September/October 2017 issue in the “Concierge Corner” section.


South Florida Luxury Guide September/October 17

Founded in 2010, South Florida Luxury Guide is the definitive resource guide for luxury living in South Florida, showcasing the latest trends in luxury home design, real estate, cars, yachts, jets, fashion, jewelry, electronics and more. Our guide has a longer shelf life than a traditional magazine because readers refer back to it multiple times, using it as a reference to discover the newest restaurants and attractions, as well as upcoming concerts, shows, charity galas and other happenings taking place throughout South Florida.