A legendary little havana nightlife haunt is reborn

Today, we transport you to a faraway time.

A time when well-dressed molls and jazz musicians comingle over Cuban cocktails in Little Havana. A time like… Monday.

Get a date night on the books at Ball & Chain, a storied Little Havana nightlife haunt reborn for your daiquiri-drinking and Cuban-jazz-listening pleasure, opening this Monday during daylight hours and picking up the night shift Thursday through Saturday.

A little primer here: this was a popular drinkery back in the 1930s. Billie Holiday crooned here. Satchmo did his thing. A grand time was had by all… until it shuttered its doors in 1957.

Fast-forward a decade or five and it’s like walking into Rick’s Café Américain: The Havana Edition. (See the slideshow here.) The original wood roof: still intact. But now you’ll find hand-painted Cuban tile. Potted palms. And a vintage guarapo machine cranking out fresh sugarcane juice…

… for your cocktail. On Saturday night. Because that’s when you’ll find Julio Cabrera and Danny Valdez from the Regent Cocktail Club tending bar. So if you’re thinking that might be a good time to partake in a daiquiri made with pastelito-infused rum and small plates of chicharrones while Cuban jazz tumbles out onto the sultry back patio…

You’re right. So, so right.