Historic Bar Ball and Chain Rolls Back into Little Havana

The historic Ball and Chain bar will once again return to Little Havana this September, and with it is expected to come live music, classic Cuban cocktails and cuisine, and a place where locals and tourists can kick back and enjoy the “Calle Ocho” of their dreams, sans the large chains that have slowly crept upon it.

According to Miami.com, the bar is going to be as close to the original beginning to mid-century haunt as possible, save for the cocktails, which will be beautifully crafted by two of Miami’s top bartenders from The Regent Cocktail Club, Julio Cabrera and Danny Valdez, because it’s doubtful that Louis Armstrong had a “pastelito daquiri” in his day.

Live music will play ouside in the venues 3,500 square foot patio, which could open up the floodgates to the bourgeoning nightlife scene that Little Havana is lacking. Now that Bongos has shuttered, there’s high hopes that it brings back that Latin flavor that Miami is so known for, but surprisingly lacks in the nightlife department.

Originally published in Eater.com