Ball & Chain featured on Thrillist Miami’s “How to Have the Most Photogenic Weekend Miami can Offer” list, May 29, 2018.
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Article from Thrillist Miami May 29, 2018 about Ball & Chain

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A surge of Cuban culture, food, and music flooded Miami in the ’50s, and the city’s celebrated that influence ever since in Little Havana. The smell of Cuban coffee greets you on a sunny stroll through Calle Ocho, where you’ll find hand-rolled cigars, fruit stands, and locals playing dominoes. But for total old-school vibes, head inside to Ball and Chain, a recreation of an iconic 1930s Cuban bar that occupied the same space. The combo of live Latin music, handcrafted cocktails, red leather seats, and dark green walls effortlessly transports you straight to Cuba, while the vintage neon and pineapple stage are all you need to garner those likes on social.