At Little Havana’s favorite restaurant and live music venue, love is in the air. Many relationships have started under the stars in front of the Pineapple Stage. To be honest, a couple have ended. But the relationships that last, come back to Miami to celebrate with Ball & Chain for any occasion – their birthdays, their bachelor and bachelorette parties, their rehearsal dinners and wedding receptions – you get the idea. We’re here to make sure your special occasions with your loved one are memorable.

And yes. We’ve heard the jokes. “Wedding at Ball & Chain? More like getting married TO the ball and chain!” Laugh away. Ball & Chain provides a unique wedding venue in Miami with full amenities, live music, and a professional staff. Try getting that with your Miami Beach wedding. Plus, no hairy guy in a speedo ruining all of your pictures.

Engagement Parties

Ball & Chain can accommodate up to 200 of your guests to celebrate your pending nuptials. Even if you haven’t set a date for the big day, a wedding engagement party can be a fun event with your family (we can set you up with a private table), or a blow out with all of your friends, even the cousins from Ohio. And we all know they’re trouble.

Celebrating with 5-25? Book a table or RSVP and we’ll set you up. More than 25? Contact our Events Staff we’ll help you set up your party right.

Bachelorette Party in Miami? WOOOOOO! (Bachelors too)

It’s your “last night of freedom.” The big plunge. Make it a bachelor or bachelorette party to (almost) remember at Ball & Chain. We can accommodate a small group of friends, or the whole Volleyball league. Let us know in advance, we’ll arrange some entertainment. In Miami, bachelorette activities are a dime a dozen. You can get change for singles, or come experience the best live music, cocktails, crowd, and salsa dancing on Calle Ocho until the wee hours of the morning? That’s a night to try to forget.

Book a table for your girls or guys now>>

Wedding Rehearsal Dinners

Rehearsal Dinners, even in beautiful sunny Miami, can be almost as much stress as the wedding itself! You don’t need something else to worry about when you’re getting married, get in touch with Ball & Chain and we’ll make the evening before the big day smooth and easy. We’re one of the best restaurants in Miami for events and large groups, planning for your Uncle Pete’s nut allergy, and making sure Aunt Jane’s glass has sparkling cider for the toast, won’t be a problem. Fill out the form or contact our event staff to plan your rehearsal dinner easy.

The Big Day at Ball & Chain

Miami wedding venues range from on Miami Beach, to banquet halls, to dedicated event spaces for weddings, to 5-star hotels. And then you have Ball & Chain.
Ball & Chain is the perfect, unique wedding venue for the couple with personality, flair, and a touch of class. We’re pros with decor, music, and service; and make your big day, a big deal. Our outdoor wedding space is beautiful, and lit for photography; we also have other locations around Ball & Chain available to suit your taste and style. Contact our event specialists to start planning your wedding at Ball & Chain.

A Unique Venue for Your Wedding Reception in Miami

Who sits where, who can or shouldn’t drink what, is Uncle George bringing his new girlfriend (and is Aunt Linda coming???) You handle the seating chart, we’ll take care of everything else. Table settings, wedding flowers, decor, DJ, Photographer – all amenities we can help you with. We cater to all your needs. Speaking of catering, we have a full kitchen facility and can provide your perfect Cuban-themed wedding reception meal (check out our menu for some ideas), or accommodate the wedding caterer of your choice. Dance to live music until the wee hours of the morning, we can recommend some great bands and performers. Or, book the best wedding DJ’s in Miami, we know them, too.

After the Nuptials

You did it. You’re Married! Congratulations! Celebrate the day after with a wedding brunch for your friends and family who can peel themselves out of bed for a bloody mary. Or celebrate 1, 5, 10, years later with an Anniversary party – the perfect excuse to gather your loved ones and dance the night away.

Contact Ball & Chain to plan your perfect Miami wedding from start to finish.

So Much More than just Weddings
Ball & Chain is the best wedding venue in Miami – but it’s also a great event venue for your next office party, corporate event, holiday party, fundraising gala, and more. Learn more about booking Ball & Chain as your next private event venue in Miami.